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Realtors and real estate agents in Medellin

There are thousands of realtors and real estate agents in Medellin, Colombia, but just a few able to provide  reliable and memorable customer service.

If you are an ex-pat looking into renting or buying a  place in Medellin to live or invest, there are things you should know, and I am going to explain them to you quickly before you make any decision:


  • Most realtors and real estate agents in Medellin (and Colombia) are not licensed. This means that anyone without the proper experience or knowledge can call himself a real state professional.


  • In Medellin, only about 10% of the real estate agents have the credentials and legal status to carry out real estate transactions.


  • Buyers or tenants do not pay commissions to realtors as they do in other countries. Who pays for them then? The owner of the property.


Having said that, you should identify realtors and real estate agents that are responsible and that don´t charge you for helping you find the house of your dreams in the best neighborhoods or sectors of Medellin.


¿What else should the best realtors or real estate brokers have?


  1. They should fully know the details and implications of carrying out real estate operations with foreigners: the banking, the legal, and tax processes involved.


  1. They must be fluent in English; just a few realtors and real estate agents in Medellin are. If the person you need to trust for such important business cannot speak with you clearly, your needs and questions will fall into the void of a meaningless translation.


  1. It is important that your real state professional has a wide a portfolio of properties in the most exclusive neighborhoods of Medellin, such as El Poblado, Envigado, or Laureles. But more importantly, good realtor should have previously conducted strict due diligence on all the properties they show you, so that they can guarantee a reliable and safe operation.


  1. Formality is a determining factor. Remember that only 10% of the realtors and real estate professionals in Medellin are licensed, meaning they work under a formal institutional structure. The remaining 90% will not be responsible if something goes wrong with your deal. Hire real estate agents or brokers that are recognized in the market, with physical offices, with a website, client´s reviews, and Google presence. Make sure that they are registered with the corresponding government agencies.


  1. They should not charge you for the service. Their commission will be paid by the owner in case the deal is finalized.



¿What are the best realtors and real estate agents in Medellin?



If you are looking for a SECOND HAND APARTMENT OR HOUSE in the most exclusive areas of Medellin, Mubrick Real Estate is the best option.

Mubrick has been recognized by Fedelonjas (the government authority for the real estate sector), the national press, major business schools, and thousands of clients as one of the best real estate agencies of Colombia.



On the contrary, if you are looking for a NEW BUILD APARTMENT OR HOUSE in Medellín, the best option is La Haus. They specialize in new housing. The disadvantage is that these new real estate projects do not have locations near tourist sites and their spaces are smaller.

La Haus was financed by Jeff Bezzos, Maluma and dozens of respectful investors who trusted this real estate business model.



This world-renowned real estate firm is ideal for those who do not want to live in Medellín, but do want to invest in COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES, such as warehouses, stores and offices.


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